Universal Orlando Is A Ghost Town! (CLOSED)

2020 17 مارس
117 176 بازدید

No one is here and it's the weekend! On todays video we went to Universal Orlando aka Universal Studios in Orlando Florida as well as Islands Of Adventures but it wasn't any other day it was the last day at Universal Orlando and other parks like Disney World after the recent shutdown. Universal was pretty much empty and it was crazy (and fun) lol
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  • “Have you got anything to say” *Omar: gimme kiissss*

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  • 1 Day 🙏🙃 ( ? ) Universal studios Wish ALOTS of 💵 $$$ + To A Kid again NO age OmarGoshTV Family 🙏 Wish

    Kevin KilpatrickKevin Kilpatrickپیش 3 ماه
  • whats the song that plays during the transformer part

    TheHichigoTheHichigoپیش 6 ماه
  • I'm staying safe during all this but just pushing carts

    Sean CarrollSean Carrollپیش 7 ماه
  • Love E.T

    Bettina BondeBettina Bondeپیش 7 ماه
  • Nice video.. i really like it 💟

    Eddy KOFEddy KOFپیش 7 ماه
  • You should do more of these, like tim tracker does. I and my family love it there, I'm from uk by the way.

    Wayne BoalerWayne Boalerپیش 8 ماه
  • Wowwww

    Maria RiveraMaria Riveraپیش 8 ماه
  • Oh Dear, I'm so sorry! I could see from other videos how much Jupiter loved you, Omar. This is so sad, I'm sorry you have lost your friend.

    B BB Bپیش 9 ماه
  • That video was awesome

    Janice TomasJanice Tomasپیش 9 ماه
  • Well most of us will stay inside and stuff but those of us that work n retail we're going to be out and about cuz of work

    Holly AllisonHolly Allisonپیش 9 ماه
  • Bored.. binge watching and catching up on your videos ..this quarantine is going to drive me insane..

  • Thank u for the great video. Brought back memories of when my family and I went......a long time ago.

    Stacy DarlingStacy Darlingپیش 9 ماه
  • A happy birthday man hope you stay safe and have fun mine was on the 19th of this month so God bless and much love!

    Malic TVMalic TVپیش 9 ماه
  • i love it that this guy filmed when it was empty. had it been video recorded during a busy time, people would be blocking most of the view. it looks like a fun place. always wanted to go there.

    josh dentonjosh dentonپیش 9 ماه
  • Glad you guys are staying safe i hope u washed your hands hahaha

    Brittney DugdaleBrittney Dugdaleپیش 9 ماه
  • Transformer:Have you anything to say? Omar: gimme kiss 😘😘 pmsl

    Miss Breezer TwistMiss Breezer Twistپیش 9 ماه
  • Man, I hope they open back up by June, granted everything is ok before then. That’s when the fam and I are planning on going. We go every June.

    Douglas OwensDouglas Owensپیش 10 ماه
  • Hey Omar I hope y’all stay safe!!! Love ur channel always brings my hopes up and positivity in my life when I’m down ❤️❤️❤️

    Caitlyn TobinCaitlyn Tobinپیش 10 ماه
  • Is anybody else cringing over Omar’s attitude towards this virus 🦠. I’m sure he recorded it before everything got bad but just hearing him say “I’m at low risk because nobody is here and I have hand sanitizer” just makes me shiver LOL

    cynjim88cynjim88پیش 10 ماه
  • I went there last summer

    Justin DiazJustin Diazپیش 10 ماه
  • I was there about a year or 2 ago

    zane degrantzane degrantپیش 10 ماه
  • I was just there for spring break😭

    Bryson CaldwellBryson Caldwellپیش 10 ماه
  • I love you guys, yall make my days do much better!! And Legend is an amazing movie!!! I dont know a lot of people who appreciate the movie as much as i do. Please stay safe and well!!

    Jennifer LeeJennifer Leeپیش 10 ماه
  • I use to love Disney, both Orlando and Anaheim, but after it came out that Disney the man was a antisemetic, I refuse to buy anything from Disney, or by Disney. It's horrible that a man who created a world for kids, not using any form of anti religion or faith or race, creed or color, can hate a race that has been abused from the beginning. If the forefathers of this faith ever came back and saw this man's thoughts on their religion, what do you think they would do, when they went back to their own time?

    Joy GandolfiniJoy Gandolfiniپیش 10 ماه
  • I rode that ET ride when I was young

    Clinton ToneyClinton Toneyپیش 10 ماه
  • Hey Omar you and your family stay safe during this lockdown this damn virus be safe hope to see more vids

    Angelica CrosbyAngelica Crosbyپیش 10 ماه
  • Hi omar how is everyone doing i still have to work myself i work for a nursing home but all is good here keeping safe hoping all of this will pass us soon think positive lots love to you and your family 😍✌

    Carmen DesourdyCarmen Desourdyپیش 10 ماه
  • Because of Coronavirus Covina-19

    The derpThe derpپیش 10 ماه
  • Hi! you have like for Megatron :P

    Agata BaldygaAgata Baldygaپیش 10 ماه
  • Thank you especially for this video, it bought back a lot of memories for me a lot of things were added since we were there back in 1994 my mommy and I went there,SO THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES,

    James ManningJames Manningپیش 10 ماه
  • Hey omar i have two channels cant find a video editor what app do you use to edit your vids cause they look fantastic

    Paranormal J05Paranormal J05پیش 10 ماه
  • 5:19- the head from the original" Thing" with Kurt Rusel circa 1983. awesome film and no CG

    keema Lewiskeema Lewisپیش 10 ماه
  • When did you go cause? I had a trip planned for 22nd and they canceled our trip on the 16th.

    Rickey BelcherRickey Belcherپیش 10 ماه
  • all you are spreading covid, what part of shelter in place did you all not get, well when you get sick just think of how many others your fun day infected too.

    TBI FirefighterTBI Firefighterپیش 10 ماه
  • Part of the uk where I live everything’s closed down pubs Etc stay safe guys

    Barbara DanceBarbara Danceپیش 10 ماه
  • I went a couple weeks ago and it was honestly great I went on hagrid's motorbike twice and the forbidden journey twice and in universal Orlando I went on the mummy 3 times

    Alicia ReynoldsAlicia Reynoldsپیش 10 ماه
  • it was a 56 tbird

    Raven SpringerRaven Springerپیش 10 ماه
  • Corona virus

    Isaac Kiki06Isaac Kiki06پیش 10 ماه
  • It's so great to see you to universal orlando with the family on the very last day before closing.

    Mayra EspinozaMayra Espinozaپیش 10 ماه
  • I hope everyone is doing good through this pandemic we're facing with everything that is going on I'm watching the news and there is alot coronavirus cases going on all over the US be careful and stay safe going out in public I love you Fam gmme kiss 😘 God bless

    Eli HamiltonEli Hamiltonپیش 10 ماه
  • I just seen omar on travel channel

    Lilfr0g 1984Lilfr0g 1984پیش 10 ماه
    • And tiffany

      Lilfr0g 1984Lilfr0g 1984پیش 10 ماه
  • Since the announcement of the coronavirus alert it's made me access my life and come to terms with, did I fulfill any dreams or wishes I made when I was 20yrs old!? I guess it would be my bucket list actually. Be married✓ Have children✓ Own a home× Be successful× Make my parents proud -!? Provide for my sons✓ Was I a good mom(I'd like to think so) Put my feet in the sand and see the ocean× Go to Disneyland× Go to Universal Theme Park and see Betty Boop× Be a part of my grandbabies lives× Not be alone on my birthday today× My score....LOSER!!! You only get 1life, make it the best 1you can....no regrets!!!!

    Anita UrbanAnita Urbanپیش 10 ماه
  • I love these videos. Being from South Africa, I would probably never get to see these places if it wasn't for you Omar! Love you! 💙❤💙

    Blue HymnBlue Hymnپیش 10 ماه
  • is there going to be a last video announcement ?

  • Happy lil belated b'day man! 😎 Hope you had an awesome fun-filled day that day amid everything going on. 🎈🎉🎁🎂🎉🎈 I've been staying safe indoors with my folks, streaming games.

    Ghosthost22Ghosthost22پیش 10 ماه
  • Sad what is going on

    John Di StefanoJohn Di Stefanoپیش 10 ماه
  • Honestly looks like the best time to go. No lines!!

    Mythical Secret SantaMythical Secret Santaپیش 10 ماه
  • While all the other countries are in Community Lockdown like we are in the Philippines bec of Covid19. I never thought that Universal Studio is still open for Public. Social Distancing and Protection (like mask) are not properly observed. Good for you Omar bec you brought Hand Sanitizer with you. But whatabout the other people who seems like ignoring the catastrophe...🇵🇭

    Arleen MallariArleen Mallariپیش 10 ماه
  • Wish we had places like this . Looks incredibly fun, thank for sharing xx

    Corrina CampbellCorrina Campbellپیش 10 ماه
  • Omar you get to have my Tommy Boy!

    Beth TraversBeth Traversپیش 10 ماه
  • So no Hagrids?

    Daniel OrtizDaniel Ortizپیش 10 ماه
  • I want go

    Frances TorresFrances Torresپیش 10 ماه
  • Cook

    Frances TorresFrances Torresپیش 10 ماه
  • I literally left the day before, and we were in awe at how empty it was. Shocking there's even less people there!!

    About RainbowAbout Rainbowپیش 10 ماه
  • you are a brave bunch. I would not dare go out in a public place, Especially, where so many germs linger. Thankfully this place was not crowded. Some smart people, stay home!

    Laverne's Life VlogsLaverne's Life Vlogsپیش 10 ماه
  • Get to love through you. Thanks so much!

    Cindy ManningCindy Manningپیش 10 ماه
  • If you open a fan mail with buccaneers coasters and Holder made in Plastic Canvas it’s from me my husband and I are not sure if it’s got my name on it

    michelle mccullymichelle mccullyپیش 10 ماه
  • Hey Omar I have been in the hospital since last December and had my foot amputated so I’ve been laying here but you have definitely kept me entertained and kept my mind off my pain and am grateful for that keep em coming and tell everyone hey!!!....gimme kiss 😘 😂

    Andrew JoestenAndrew Joestenپیش 10 ماه
  • Omar loved your fun video.

    Barbara HernandezBarbara Hernandezپیش 10 ماه
  • I've been to Disney twice and always wanted to go to Universal studios even more so now after watching your video ! Just have to talk to hubby into it 😉😂

    SummerNicoleSummerNicoleپیش 10 ماه
  • Perfect video for sheltering!

    Mary RemmersMary Remmersپیش 10 ماه
  • When he ask him do u have anything to say give me a kiss that made my day 🤣😅🤣🤣

    Rebekah TeagueRebekah Teagueپیش 10 ماه
  • Wow.. I haven't been there since 1997 when i went with a friend. I got soaking wet on the Jurassic park ride.. It was nice to see all that 😊

    Tiffany DTiffany Dپیش 10 ماه
  • Megatron:, do you have anything to say? Omar: gimme a kiss also omar:I think someone needs a snickers bar lol

    jake miessjake miessپیش 10 ماه
  • You should have never gone because it stays on surfaces. Crazy!

    gale kienggale kiengپیش 10 ماه
  • Love all your videos!!! Stat safe and keep production going! We need more videos now!

    Anubis Gamer6000Anubis Gamer6000پیش 10 ماه
  • I dislike Tom Cruise. You should be wearing heavy duty maks!

    Eileen BassEileen Bassپیش 10 ماه
  • Ahhh nooo I was at Disney World Magic Kingdom on March 5! Were you in Florida at that time? I could've met you gosh darn it

    Lauren BushLauren Bushپیش 10 ماه
  • I hope you do not get sick

    kim alvarezkim alvarezپیش 10 ماه
  • the vettes were copy cats that came out after the T birds

    Dennis MiracleDennis Miracleپیش 10 ماه
  • My name is Carmen Omar and my ant name is Carmen to . when u said Carmen I was like omg he said my name

    Carmen BrownCarmen Brownپیش 10 ماه
  • Media did this

    roy oquendoroy oquendoپیش 10 ماه
  • I hope you and all of your family stay healthy during this really rough time .. i hope you had a very Happy Birthday Omar.❤❤❤😊😊😊

    Vicki DeGroatVicki DeGroatپیش 10 ماه
  • What u doing out ,,stay home

    Liz MorencyLiz Morencyپیش 10 ماه
  • You have made really jealous we love universal studios

    Bobby moore1993Bobby moore1993پیش 10 ماه
  • I hope and pray your family is well.

    Tammy MathiesTammy Mathiesپیش 10 ماه
  • I know for sure omar likes To go out there in Public opening doing his videos..... people are out there with CoronaVirus even without symptoms showing

    Richard TimbrezaRichard Timbrezaپیش 10 ماه
  • News that’s a 34 year old that went to the same Disney world as you tested positive for corona

    Layne ValciLayne Valciپیش 10 ماه
  • That’s unreal too see Universal Studios so empty . It shows the reality of this virus and the effect it’s having on people . I’m so glad that y’all were safe and careful going there . Sending ❤️ and 🙏s your way . God Bless you all .

    Teresa SmithTeresa Smithپیش 10 ماه
  • Forget the troll that employee had a Booooty!, lmao gimmie kih.

    Angelbaby OlveraAngelbaby Olveraپیش 10 ماه
  • Hi Omar, good to see you. Take care🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️🌞🙋🏻‍♀️

    Marjo CharbonneauMarjo Charbonneauپیش 10 ماه
  • Hey omar not sure if this is early or to late but happy birthday

    Alison JobesAlison Jobesپیش 10 ماه
  • Great memories from my childhood

    Juan ZapataJuan Zapataپیش 10 ماه
  • I love seeing people getting jump scared it's so funny lol haha megatron just scared those people standing right in front of him lmao

    jake miessjake miessپیش 10 ماه
  • Be safe and have fun ask if u can ghost hunt there over night or at night sometime for a few hours if it’s too so busy that would. Be awesome love ya!

    LiveALittle 2020LiveALittle 2020پیش 10 ماه
  • Always luv seeing Universal Studios, been there a few times and they usually have something new each time. I have yet to see the new part of the Harry Potter world and I don't believe I've seen the Fast n Furious part. Thanks for showing us around. So weird not seeing it packed with people tho lol A fun trip before quarantine. Keep safe out there folks! Luv you n your wonderful family :)

    rhondarhondaپیش 10 ماه
  • "Flat brimmed hats , the dunce cap of modern days."

    PNW LocalPNW Localپیش 10 ماه
  • awww ET ride...they took that outta universal in California. ET and the original King Kong ride with jaws was the best when I was a child...

    john ohhweejohn ohhweeپیش 10 ماه
  • Omg. I love E.T. That was a awesome ride. I can’t go but your videos take me to places I would love to see. Thanks. 😘❤️

    Carol ForguesCarol Forguesپیش 10 ماه
  • I hope everyone will be ok.

    Melinda SchluterMelinda Schluterپیش 10 ماه
  • Everything in Maryland is closed.

    Melinda SchluterMelinda Schluterپیش 10 ماه
  • 👍

    mAtiomAtioپیش 10 ماه
  • How many people in FL have coronavirus?

    Michelle’s MusingsMichelle’s Musingsپیش 10 ماه

    Johan RyanJohan Ryanپیش 10 ماه
  • Nice to be able to get around so easily. So cool. Thanks for taking us along. Now you can take care of all your mail lol Keep Safe❤Keep Well❤

    Debbie Mcwaters EVPEACEDebbie Mcwaters EVPEACEپیش 10 ماه
  • 🐒

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  • Now go to Kings Dominion tho

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  • Harry Potter Land LMAOO

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