This Might Be A Sign

2020 27 مه
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  • I love watching you Omar.... You are so down to earth. Seems as if we are a very BIG FAMILY. Sending Kiss from Cleveland Ga.

    Christina McpheeChristina Mcpheeپیش 14 روز
  • Hire a boat

    Lyn LoxtonLyn Loxtonپیش ماه
  • Hi Dillon!

    Brittany PhamBrittany Phamپیش 2 ماه
  • Hey, know im late, life of being a truck driver. I guess, but. Ripley's believe it or not, in st. Augustine super haunted. Also, Steve from local haunts in Jacksonville Florida can hook you up on more paranormal places. Over here on the east side. Message me. If you can't find Steve. No worries that you can't. 😁✌️latee

    MiSSY Michelle hechtMiSSY Michelle hechtپیش 2 ماه
  • Boston looks left out in the back gorgeous little boy so cute well behaved an beautiful xx

    Maxine SteeleMaxine Steeleپیش 2 ماه
  • Hi omar tiph and kids love you all

    Kerry EastlakeKerry Eastlakeپیش 2 ماه
  • There are haunted places in Tucson Arizona and Phoenix Arizona

    Rose VerdugoRose Verdugoپیش 2 ماه
  • It is Free Massions.

    Andrew HarmonAndrew Harmonپیش 2 ماه
  • I remember James and Chelsea went there and its really a creepy place.. love to come there LOL

    Josephine AragonJosephine Aragonپیش 2 ماه
  • You should do a Galveston and Corpus Christi, they are loaded haunted😻

    Lorrie GeorgeLorrie Georgeپیش 3 ماه
  • That kid is savage

    Subash DahalSubash Dahalپیش 3 ماه
  • Wait you have a son 🙃

    Diamond & AlexisDiamond & Alexisپیش 4 ماه
  • Zeus the puppy looks cool. It resembles a calico cat.

    Elizabeth R. MartinElizabeth R. Martinپیش 4 ماه
  • Cardinals are the state bird in ohio and are protected we have so many and blue Jay's

    Nicklaus AndersonNicklaus Andersonپیش 4 ماه
  • I've heard the saying that says, when Cardinals appear, loved ones are near. ❣

    Cindy GriggCindy Griggپیش 4 ماه
  • Aww! Look at sweet Boston being so quiet in the back. 💙

    Cindy GriggCindy Griggپیش 4 ماه
  • If you want to go to new haunted places go to savannah Ga their is a lot of places that are haunted

    Girl_ flash28Girl_ flash28پیش 5 ماه
  • luv tif with the bird luv luv

    lisa selflisa selfپیش 5 ماه
  • Okay almost kiss kiss bye-bye

    Jean DosterJean Dosterپیش 5 ماه
  • I have a question if somebody hasn't asked you already when you stop at a charging station for your vehicle does it cost any money if so how much if you don't mind me asking does it cost

    Jean DosterJean Dosterپیش 5 ماه
  • Love you Dilan is sooo cute

    Bettina BondeBettina Bondeپیش 5 ماه
  • Aww Omar you ave Tiffany good for other such a cute couple, you both were meant for eachother I love you both, so when are you finalizing your relationship any babies in the future I pray so 💋💋💋💋❤❤❤

    Things that go bump in the night LORAnTIMThings that go bump in the night LORAnTIMپیش 5 ماه
  • Love seeing families coparent so well. Our family does the same. It just makes things so much easier for the kids. Good job you guys.

    DeityArtistryDeityArtistryپیش 6 ماه
  • I hav a cat🧐🧐🧐

    Fuck YouFuck Youپیش 6 ماه
  • Ih

    Fuck YouFuck Youپیش 6 ماه
  • I love this channel. I love seeing your everyday live with your family 💜💜💜. Keep them coming 🙌🏻🙌🏻

    tammie lawsontammie lawsonپیش 6 ماه
  • Look Dylan is yawning haha 😂

    Krystal PapuniKrystal Papuniپیش 7 ماه
  • The weather in Florida seems like it's much like the weather here in New Zealand. You guys are awesome. You would feel much like our country is home, especially with all the greenery of the countryside. You guys would live it here especially in the summer and spring by the looks of it. Love you guys ♡♡

    Krystal PapuniKrystal Papuniپیش 7 ماه
  • Love your vlog channel Omar.

    Tina CasiasTina Casiasپیش 7 ماه
  • What is the lowest temperature you have i Florida, all year around?

    Cecilia KCecilia Kپیش 7 ماه
  • remember ceiling fans are deadly to birds with flight!

    Marie HeenanMarie Heenanپیش 7 ماه
  • That Howie mansion looked amazing now but I also like the vines on it as well your birds are so cute I love birds thanks for sharing a great video love you all

    sarah rohrbaughsarah rohrbaughپیش 7 ماه
  • I'd be happy to check around here. Oregon... Portland we have the underground City but much more than that. Honestly I never see any videos from our haunted locations here and there's a lot.

    Feisty Taco ShanonFeisty Taco Shanonپیش 7 ماه
  • You should come to west/central Louisiana some time. The Burr family cemetery is here as well as not-well-known plantation properties and slave graveyards.

    Christy OsborneChristy Osborneپیش 7 ماه
  • Find a big pontoon boat or houseboat to rent. Something big like that will be more stable on open water.😘

    Christy OsborneChristy Osborneپیش 7 ماه
  • 🤣🤣🤣poor kid’s pooped out in the back seat!!

    Christy OsborneChristy Osborneپیش 7 ماه
  • Red carnivals are males and females are brown and I also heard that to Omar since my grandma died a yr ago and every morning a cardinal comes to feed off the bird feeder and hangs out for awhile . And this past my mom had doves make a nest in a small plastic crate on the front porch on a small table we had with 2 chairs and had 2 babies the mama and daddy dove let us get really close to see their babies my sister named the female sally after my grandma and the male name Eddie after my step grandpa and every now and then the babies would come to the front porch and sit around and feed of the bird feeder 😊

    Sally DionSally Dionپیش 7 ماه
  • Keep killin it bro! Your awesome!

  • That bridge collapse when I was only seven months old, but as a small child I would have nightmares of broken bridges and my mom‘s car trying to hop over the parts of the bridge it was really scary for a really long time. I think when your parents are people around you talk about some thing as a kid you don’t notice really but some thing internally makes you think about it and you could have dreams or even weird memories. The skyway bridge is a scary bridge 🦋🙏🏼🦋

    Kimberly Waterbury DeWitt DewittKimberly Waterbury DeWitt Dewittپیش 7 ماه
  • Hi Omar I just started watching both ur channels and in which i absolutely luv keep up the good work...😁😁😁

    Charity FlynnCharity Flynnپیش 7 ماه
  • We Love You Omar!!! Keep up the good work!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Lady MichelleLady Michelleپیش 7 ماه
  • Hal Moore I just got started my new to piano and I was hoping you can help me get subscribers the channels called haunted places and houses the Freeman

    Charles FreemanCharles Freemanپیش 7 ماه
  • You and Tiphanie are awesome to watch. You're FAMOUS to me. You put out great vlogs. Moe, CJ and the others are great also. Don't get me wrong but I just like watching y'all. Stay safe....hugs from Arkansas as always 🤗

    Pam ThomasPam Thomasپیش 7 ماه
  • When fishing you're way better off to clean them as soon as you catch them because the stomach acid will eat right through the stomach in just a few minutes and THAT taints the meat giving it a weird taste but if you clean it right away the flesh tastes more fresh than you could ever imagine!!! No more leaders to mess with either. Just a box of extra large zip lock bags and/or a roll of plastic wrap.

    Kathryn EncinasKathryn Encinasپیش 7 ماه
  • No. Female Parakeets have BROWN noses. Li'll Friend has a juvenile nose of light purple but with a very, very slight blush of blue which makes me think that it's a boy.

    Kathryn EncinasKathryn Encinasپیش 7 ماه
  • Love u Omar! Have followed you forever. Xxx when you get to the uk, loads of haunted places to take you. Xxx

    Lash AllureLash Allureپیش 7 ماه
  • OMAR OMAR Omarrr Gosh.....💘💓💖

    cat littlejohnscat littlejohnsپیش 7 ماه
  • Hi there.. Im new to watching your videos. I love them!! You should investigate the famous bakers hotel in mineral wells texas. Very haunted. . id love to see that video. But ty for what you do

    Kim WaldropKim Waldropپیش 7 ماه
  • Hey Dylan, GREAT to see you & wow you're looking great!

    Dottie TabootDottie Tabootپیش 7 ماه
  • how do i make a 2th channel?

    ActiveDreamer1ActiveDreamer1پیش 7 ماه
  • Hi Omar, I was thinking you live in Florida did you go in St-Augustin Fort... I had an experience there when I was 15 years old and I thought I was crazy and never told anybody until I saw Ghost Adventure episode on it and confirmed me that it haunted by the prisoners of the Spanish era a lot of history there you should go and a lot of Bed and Breakfast and I confirm most of them are haunted... just a your video and that city as a bird...

    Natalie ValiquetteNatalie Valiquetteپیش 7 ماه
  • Love all your channels. Good man you are.

    julie givansjulie givansپیش 7 ماه
  • Boston obviously like cats

    Karolina RaKarolina Raپیش 7 ماه
  • It’s crazy how much cheaper houses are in Florida versus here in NH/Mass 💙

    Natasha LetourneauNatasha Letourneauپیش 7 ماه
  • 5:53 Very similar to Arizona's summer monsoon season. Most summer storm cells from creation to end takes only 30 - 40 minutes total, so that doesn't leave much time for the actual rainfall to occur. However, these storms can dump a tremendous amount of rainfall in a short time period, then add to that the hard ground which rarely absorbs the water as fast as it is falling, and the result is frequent flash flooding . . . but just like the quick storm, the flooding is usually gone shortly after, it doesn't stick around as stagnant water. Winter rain season can produce some of those all day rainfall storms, but those are a rarity in the summer.

    ThinkerOnTheBusThinkerOnTheBusپیش 7 ماه
  • Any content you do is awesome. Your the best Omar.. i work outside the home and my daughter is in liver failure so sometimes i get a couple days behind on your videos but i always catch up.. Its so good to see Dillion. Haven't seen him in a minute. Thank you so much for taking care of us.. keep em coming my friend. God bless you..

    Rena HuchingsonRena Huchingsonپیش 7 ماه
  • Always Love You Omar and Tiffany you're the best..

    Judy MartinJudy Martinپیش 7 ماه
  • I live in a retirement facility in I'm so lonely I need maybe a couple of birds or Kitty or puppy.

    Judy MartinJudy Martinپیش 7 ماه
  • Hi omar

    Dakota BeaverDakota Beaverپیش 7 ماه
  • Lol had to laugh when you mentioned Wiamuma lol I lived out there as a teen.. My family cemetery I own is just on the other side of wiamuma

    Tkay ParrishTkay Parrishپیش 7 ماه
  • V is looking so good! I love watching you and your family. Love the content too.

    Kristina KinseyKristina Kinseyپیش 7 ماه
  • I know you are differently a pet man. That's nice of you to save animal but I see everything but 🐍 will you ever get snake..luv your 🏠. Gb.

    Alicia SuarezAlicia Suarezپیش 7 ماه
  • if your bird is from india,,,you should play some indian meditation music to soothe it

    Evelyn LobosEvelyn Lobosپیش 7 ماه
  • rent a boat for the day.

    Kim BrundigeKim Brundigeپیش 7 ماه
  • I was there in Clearwater when the bridge collapsed.

    Kim BrundigeKim Brundigeپیش 7 ماه
  • I have heard that about cardinals.

    Kim BrundigeKim Brundigeپیش 7 ماه
  • I thought you could tell a birds sex, by looking at the color of their bill. maybe that's just parakeets.

    Kim BrundigeKim Brundigeپیش 7 ماه
  • People are afraid of the unknown

    Lisa CaraballoLisa Caraballoپیش 7 ماه
  • V said hi to the vlog so darn cute!!!!!

    Lisa CaraballoLisa Caraballoپیش 7 ماه
  • I'm truly happy that you and tiphanie found each other!! I love watching the videos with the both of you!! I hope you both never lose the love you have for each other your an inspiration to me that's for sure 💖

    Trish BowenTrish Bowenپیش 7 ماه
  • Aghhhhh comw get me i wanna go on the road with yall!!!

    Jenny The FamJenny The Famپیش 7 ماه
  • Hi from Poland :) Maybe you know where that is? 👻 God bless you and your family 🙏

    Carla CarolCarla Carolپیش 7 ماه
  • call me maybe

    Omni BourgeoisOmni Bourgeoisپیش 7 ماه
  • ryona

    Omni BourgeoisOmni Bourgeoisپیش 7 ماه
  • Is there a way to contact omar?

    Kill The GamerKill The Gamerپیش 7 ماه
  • Yes more famous and down to earth. Love your channel.

    Brenda HalvorsenBrenda Halvorsenپیش 7 ماه
  • awww geeze ..your baby bird is so adorable .. lol..

    carmen Majorcarmen Majorپیش 7 ماه
  • hi Omar.. and familiy .. love you guys ..bless you ..

    carmen Majorcarmen Majorپیش 7 ماه
  • I love ghost adventures Omar I also watch them on tv too I'm a fan

    Dan MackenzieDan Mackenzieپیش 7 ماه
  • Hey Omar I remmeber the days you had 500 subscribers love you and James where always great at replying

    Tramaine CedrasTramaine Cedrasپیش 7 ماه
  • Hey Omar reach out to Collin from Paranormal Files and for help or collab with him. Also you should go to Gettysburg its haunted.

    WARSTAR93WARSTAR93پیش 7 ماه
  • Yes they brought the bus soon after the accident. Love your videos. Good luck on future hunts.

    patti parkerpatti parkerپیش 7 ماه
  • I’ve been here for a while, I’m fam

    FunkoDisco100FunkoDisco100پیش 7 ماه
  • Awesome video 👍❤️

    Julie HenderJulie Henderپیش 7 ماه
  • I wish you would show up at my door and cut n style my hair! I live in Michigan and we may never get our salons open. I'm starting to look like bozo the clown.

    Suanne DormanSuanne Dormanپیش 7 ماه
  • I'm watching this video at work my cowoker says hey u watch Omar too

    Helena CasillasHelena Casillasپیش 7 ماه
  • My favorite IRworld Omar love your videos.

    Naomi G RamosNaomi G Ramosپیش 7 ماه
  • Staying at the Mizpah because i say your lady in red video.

    Monica NapoliMonica Napoliپیش 7 ماه
  • miss seeing you & your sons , Ethan & Max.

    jada millsjada millsپیش 7 ماه
  • I am watching from ALBANIA 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

    John ChefJohn Chefپیش 7 ماه
  • There are memorial videos on IRworld that show the people that have jumped from the Skyway bridge

    Jennifer MilliganJennifer Milliganپیش 7 ماه
  • When yall were at the old bridge I saw a black hooded figure crouching in the back behind dillon.

    cindie sawyercindie sawyerپیش 7 ماه
  • What's the video under when you and Moe went to the haunted mansion was it a 3am challenge or was it during the day

    Simon SanakidisSimon Sanakidisپیش 7 ماه
  • Omar, I emailed you about a place weeks ago, but you never responded. I know you are.busy though. Just thought it might interest you.

    Michelle CowanMichelle Cowanپیش 7 ماه
  • Me and my daughter love watching your videos you guys are awesome keep up the good work

    Rose JohnsonRose Johnsonپیش 7 ماه
  • You can trim the inside of there wings and they only can fly down not up and away..your her can show you then you can doit yourself...i had they got use to it and would stat on my should outside all the time ..but they do grow so you got to keep them trimmed at all times....😜😘

    DebbyDebbyپیش 7 ماه
  • Omar good things come for good people like you. Your channel deserves even more people than what you got ! You are a good man!

    Tarane ReamesTarane Reamesپیش 7 ماه
  • Hi omar i have a bird that is nice to my brother but he bites me can you help me with that if you can thank you

    Commandobrando56Commandobrando56پیش 7 ماه
  • Lol, at i:50, Boston's eyes look possessed.. check him! He might be channeling a crazy ghost! Hahah!

    Jackie MajorJackie Majorپیش 7 ماه
  • I had a cardinal stuck on my side porch all day yesterday. I opened up the door to get something and it flew out! I have no idea how it got in there either!!

    Susannah SSusannah Sپیش 7 ماه