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  • Sweetie I missed u going dumpster diving omg I loved seeing what u find i think it awesome to see u find nice things i mean hell I've done that before al1ong time ago but yea i loves to see them again listen it doesn't matter what kind of videos you make I watch them all on boths channel so and u are so awesome and you freaking rock and I love you sweetie and just be you and do u and live little and keep up the good work

    htd-girl4life patricia boyerhtd-girl4life patricia boyerپیش سال
    • can anyone please tell me what the name of the instrumental is that is playing at the 6:15 mark?

      Donna KDonna Kپیش سال
    • @Ashley Rheinholtz I know right I mean them two together are unstoppable

      htd-girl4life patricia boyerhtd-girl4life patricia boyerپیش سال
    • Yes we also have been wanting to see some Momar videos!

      Ashley RheinholtzAshley Rheinholtzپیش سال
    • @FamilyMannsure why not

      htd-girl4life patricia boyerhtd-girl4life patricia boyerپیش سال
    • Patricia Boyer check our are dumpster Diving channel

      FamilyMannFamilyMannپیش سال
  • i agree to much hate in the world keep up the awesome work love your family wishing you and yours all the best

    Donna LoweDonna Loweپیش 23 روز
  • Hay Omar my name is Taylor love your ghost story s 👻👻😘😈😘

    Taylor BallardTaylor Ballardپیش 5 ماه
  • Omar an tiff, i absloutely LOVE y'alls videos!!! My MS keeps me from exploring but soon as I'm in remission im going exploring. You guys have gave me hope when i lost all in humanity. Y'ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL SOULS!! I KNOW WE HAVEN'T MET BUT I TOTALLY LOVE YOU ALL

    Rena TeagueRena Teagueپیش 6 ماه
  • Hello forum Romania guys

    sponexxsponexxپیش 9 ماه
  • hello omar and fam i like to see youre dumpster diving video's a lot greatings and kisses for all of you from brenda from the Netherlands

    Gdhdjdhdhdjdj DHdhdhdhjddGdhdjdhdhdjdj DHdhdhdhjddپیش 10 ماه
  • New subscriber here. Like your videos. :)

    Maru MejiaMaru Mejiaپیش 11 ماه
  • Yay meow yay anime jellyfish cool yay shark tooth love you video 💘💘 do more dumpdive videos

    Rukia OlearyRukia Olearyپیش 11 ماه
  • Yay meow yay anime snuggle nuzzle Harley Quinn mine and squirrels girl an raven mine 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻💙,look

    Rukia OlearyRukia Olearyپیش 11 ماه
  • Hey Omar and Trish. So, the part about focusing on the positive is Such a Wonderful thing because like you said there is just So much negative in the world going on. However, I promise you will make a larger impact by sharing both sides of your life *if you want to of course*

    The Beast within LopezThe Beast within Lopezپیش 11 ماه
  • Hey Omar I always loved watching your dumpster diving videos I love watching all your videos I enjoy your content and you make me happy and people need to focus more on the positive and less on the negative and you are my favorite youtuber you are the most big hearted positive person I know but anyways another amazing video omar keep up the great work I love you Fam

    Eli HamiltonEli Hamiltonپیش 11 ماه
  • I miss all your dumpster diving videos hope to see more

    Beast 2 BeautyBeast 2 Beautyپیش 11 ماه
  • 👍

    mAtiomAtioپیش سال
  • Awesome video

    Steve's Fun AdventuresSteve's Fun Adventuresپیش سال
  • Haven't been having a good day. My boyfriend had to leave again and I don't know when I will get to see him again. I cry everyday of how much I miss him. But love you're video's Omar. (:

    Brittany & StevenBrittany & Stevenپیش سال
  • Hey Omar I was just curious I just maybe me and you can meet I'm coming to Tampa Florida and I would love to see you maybe we

    the Lord family:J and Mthe Lord family:J and Mپیش سال
  • Those are amazing love going sharks tooth hunting

    Trisha DuranTrisha Duranپیش سال
  • I and my wife have been watching you for two years and just love your videos.

    Lowell AckleyLowell Ackleyپیش سال
  • Oh. Never knew about Crawford Rd. Going to check that out. Used to go to Yorktown and Jamestown I think Tiphany should diffinantly take you to Jamestown. Always my favorite. Lots of history. Loved it

    Cheri ShieldsCheri Shieldsپیش سال
  • I like your haunted and explore videos and daily life vlogs. Your a cool guy but can never get in contact with u

  • come to Missouri. we got a haunted Titanic museum in Branson. i would so love to go with you but i dont drive. i love learning history

    The Fam DracophenThe Fam Dracophenپیش سال
  • Love your dumpster diving videos. Would be great to see more of them. You and Tiff are a gorgeous couple. Love from Aust.

    Donna CreamerDonna Creamerپیش سال
  • Omar wearing glasses? what. Omar eats meat? what ..interesting.🙄

    JustMe2JustMe2پیش سال
  • Fun times! Much love familia! I might have a spot for you and other fams to investigate. Once I have all information I'll let you know. 😀✌️

    Mr saiyanMr saiyanپیش سال
  • For this week you should go and visit where Martin Luther King was murderer or where he was buried. Idk just a thought and it’s random I know I’m sorry lol ☺️

    NessaGamer101NessaGamer101پیش سال
  • Struggling kinda

    Dakota SmithDakota Smithپیش سال
  • I have counseling tomorrow

    Dakota SmithDakota Smithپیش سال
  • This question is for Omar only so please do not answer if you are not him. Omar do you live in va or Florida? Reason I ask is because I have seen newer video’s of you in both places. If va is your main place I really would like to meet you just to say hi and maybe it a quick picture together if that’s cool with you Omar. Hope you reply to this and have a great day/night depending on when you see this.

    Joseph DicksonJoseph Dicksonپیش سال
  • Will Omar and Tiff have a baby? Likes if you think so?

    Olivia GrahamOlivia Grahamپیش سال
  • I would love to see dumpster diving videos again

    Nubby NubzNubby Nubzپیش سال
  • Be careful there is a species of jellies that are poisonous .

    carmen rodriguezcarmen rodriguezپیش سال
  • Hello omar and tiph i hope you guys get better soon im getting a new 📱 phone next month i will be adding your subcristions back on i wish you would get back to dumpster diving that was fun to watch

    Melody AdkinsMelody Adkinsپیش سال
  • vegetation & chicken ❤💚❤💙

    Giselle SillerGiselle Sillerپیش سال
  • me and my mum collect Sea Glass, the best time to go is after a storm.

    Nicole OvertonNicole Overtonپیش سال
  • 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻😵😵😵😱😱😱😱😱🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😎💜💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💙

    Jacinda ChapmanJacinda Chapmanپیش سال
  • 😄😄😄😄😄👍👍👍👍👍👍💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    Jacinda ChapmanJacinda Chapmanپیش سال
  • I love you Omar ❤❤

    Kaitie StrongKaitie Strongپیش سال
  • What was them bang drinks that tiff drinks ..

    Kevin wiliiamsKevin wiliiamsپیش سال
  • What inspires you to make videos is the money you make lol

    Kevin wiliiamsKevin wiliiamsپیش سال
  • I miss your dumpster diving. That’s how I go stared watching you!

  • His girlfriend Tiffany seems like she is very mean and stuck up and have always been spoiled

    Lynne JoynerLynne Joynerپیش سال
    • Nubby Nubz thank you ❤️

      Tiphanie HolmesTiphanie Holmesپیش سال
    • Lynne Joyner mean and stuck up? I’m saving jellyfish in this video. Mean and stuck up people don’t care about something as small as a jellyfish. And spoiled?? That’s even funnier. I’ve worked my ass off for for everything I have. Never been spoiled a day in my life. I appreciate everything in this world I’ve been blessed with.

      Tiphanie HolmesTiphanie Holmesپیش سال
    • Not really shes seem really sweet

      Nubby NubzNubby Nubzپیش سال
  • 3 of my friends and I are starting our own paranormal research group and are thinking of a virgin trip maybe later this year, anyway youd want to get some good content with us?

    Tayler ShermanTayler Shermanپیش سال
  • Love you and your family. God bless you all.

    Penny TindallPenny Tindallپیش سال
  • Hey Tiffany please start your own vlog channel

    jelinaangeljelinaangelپیش سال
  • Why you wearing glasses ? Is it an aesthetic thing or are you actually blind?

    jelinaangeljelinaangelپیش سال
  • Its been so long since i got notifications

    Angela MaloyAngela Maloyپیش سال
  • i really feel like i know you guys because of these videos. Omar i tagged you in a video on my instagram julie_g_official gimme kiss x

    JoolzTheFamJoolzTheFamپیش سال
  • So glad to see you and Tiff feeling better. :) Being from Lee County VA, I love it there and glad you all are investigating parts of Va. :) Cheers.

    Ravenstar WittRavenstar Wittپیش سال
  • You should get a metal detector and go out and find some stuff, old places or the beach.

    Neesh PNeesh Pپیش سال
  • I love how tif is so loving and caring about living fish animals and things, she’s so amazing!!

    Neesh PNeesh Pپیش سال
  • Omar you need a metal detector too. Ty for sharing I enjoyed ❤️😊

    DeniseDeniseپیش سال
  • Hi enjoyed the vid thanks 👀👻👻👻👀

    Ann Wood lumbAnn Wood lumbپیش سال
  • Yes to dumpster diving videos!!!

    Bell GibsBell Gibsپیش سال
  • this video is so peaceful. ♥️ I love you guys!

    Bell GibsBell Gibsپیش سال
  • You so should collab with proving demon's and paranormal files

    Taco ExplorationsTaco Explorationsپیش سال
  • i enjoyed them you great at it

    Amanda FeaginAmanda Feaginپیش سال
  • do more dumpster diving

    Amanda FeaginAmanda Feaginپیش سال
  • Omar!!! Can’t wait to see your collab with The Paranormal Files and Proving Demons I watch them both and think that will be an epic collab 🖤🖤

    Pretty& Paranormal Cassie Kay BatesPretty& Paranormal Cassie Kay Batesپیش سال
  • You are so right. She sits to close to that steering wheel. If the air bag goes off, it'll hurt her.

    Valerie HuttValerie Huttپیش سال
  • You should post some metal detecting videos

    Ashton TempleAshton Templeپیش سال
  • Yessssss pleaseee do more dumpster diving videos! I’ve been praying you’d do them again ❤️❤️ I dumpster dive all the time here in Tampa and I love it! It’s super fun 😃

    Edith LEdith Lپیش سال
  • That looks cool

    Thurman EadsThurman Eadsپیش سال
  • I missed you doing dumpster diving I still do dumpster diving and I have been doing it since I was little

    Evermore MarieEvermore Marieپیش سال
  • Красавчик все правильно снимаешь главное без спец эффектов молодец Омарчик у меня так кореша зовут

    Tt JsTt Jsپیش سال
  • It's know for the final battle of the Revolutionary war. not civil war. It's Yorktown. ding ding.

    Are you SeriousAre you Seriousپیش سال
  • I really want to hang out with you two you both are so really cool and down to earth and you really need to come over to the UK to where I live we live by a few fields and I saw what I thought was a group of soldiers resting from ww2 as where we lived was only built 24 years ago but some of the village was built before ww2 and we are the largest village in the UK and Europe

    Laura DaviesLaura Daviesپیش سال
  • Hi Omar start dumpster diving again xx

    Francis ParkerFrancis Parkerپیش سال
  • Damn Tiph sit’s hella close to the steering wheel! 💕❤️💕

    Melissa LoveMelissa Loveپیش سال
  • Did anyone else catch the cars driving backwards @ 0:53?

    KristynKristynپیش سال
  • I love watching you two. Such a cute couple. Tiffany is so beautiful.

    Nancy AdamsNancy Adamsپیش سال
  • Enjoyed video❤️

    Lyn PiersonLyn Piersonپیش سال
  • Hay omer can u please do more dumpster diving videos please I love watching all of your IRworld videos xx

    Sabrina HogbenSabrina Hogbenپیش سال
  • Love watching your videos keep up with your magnificent work Could we see Dumpster diving soon

    Kim ColvinKim Colvinپیش سال
  • Please go dumpster diving at stores! Thats how I started watching your videos! Love to watch all of your videos too! Keep up the excellent work!

    Alicia CowanAlicia Cowanپیش سال
  • Gaaaaayyyy

    The logic The logicThe logic The logicپیش سال
  • This is the nice voed

    Shibu KoshyShibu Koshyپیش سال
  • My Mom would take us out on Saturday going to do things that are free, like going around to check out stuff in the cities and towns around and we go to fairs in towns, Drive-In Theaters, Fishing, Sledding, garage sales, beaches, lakes, parades, diners.

    mrbunnylamakinsmrbunnylamakinsپیش سال
  • Also mudlarking is great fun you should try it xxx

    Kay FouldsKay Fouldsپیش سال
  • 😍🤩😍 OMG I go fishing here!!! Did you guys rent a bike and ride down the trail? It takes you down the little points of interest I guess is what you call them. Was the pirate ship there? I love exploring out there! Yorktown is my home away from home! 🤩😍🤩 When the fog is low over the battlefield and the deer are out at dawn is super cool/spooky! Love the out and about vlog!

    Mama InoMama Inoپیش سال
  • I always loved your dumpster diving videos. I would love to do that but in our town we can't .... Anything you do Omar is good. No matter what content it is , your an amazing person , I have watched you for a few years now . Anything you do is awesome . God bless you and Tif.

    Rena HuchingsonRena Huchingsonپیش سال
  • Hot spots for dogman as well be careful Omar as they hunt you

    Freddy WardFreddy Wardپیش سال
  • Make more dumpster dive videos!

    JP raddlerJP raddlerپیش سال
  • We were there n March. Surrender Field was super awesome. My sons senior pictures were taken there. Go on the tour. I took my dousing rods in all the houses. We had super results.

    Lisa BaierLisa Baierپیش سال
  • That was koo, in the cold weather. Great job Tiff 👍🦈

    Margaret PadillaMargaret Padillaپیش سال
  • please bring back dumpster diving videos and bring back "BOOMER" with them as well, plus more videos with UGUE thanks.

    Brittney AlagnaBrittney Alagnaپیش سال
  • Hey Omar!!!!! I love your Dumpster Dives! Please bring them back!!

    Tinker StinkerTinker Stinkerپیش سال
  • Dumpster diving is the reason I started watching. I would love it if you could start them again.

    Tena StoneTena Stoneپیش سال
  • Um, Tip you're a little close to that wheel. I had anxiety watching you drive. 19:09

    Lee-Han HartLee-Han Hartپیش سال
  • Love your videos

    Sean CarrollSean Carrollپیش سال
  • Awesome video Omar

    Debbie BlaylockDebbie Blaylockپیش سال
  • I started watching your videos because of DD videos, so long ago. I prefer that and your adventure type videos (these) instead of the haunting ones.

    M E L R O S EM E L R O S Eپیش سال
  • *Native Americans

    bonjour itsizzybonjour itsizzyپیش سال
  • Go searching with Dallymd he looks and his friends know where to go

    The Neznamy ChroniclesThe Neznamy Chroniclesپیش سال
  • Ya I miss the dumpster dive videos

    Chris savageChris savageپیش سال
  • YES YES YES! I love watching you ,and now Tiph DUMPSTER Dive!

    Kathryn BurnesKathryn Burnesپیش سال
  • Did she just?

    FunkoDisco100FunkoDisco100پیش سال

    Guadalupe RamirezGuadalupe Ramirezپیش سال
    • Guadalupe Ramirez he just posted one the other day. He post his haunted videos regularly on his main channel. 😊

      Tiphanie HolmesTiphanie Holmesپیش سال
  • You are awesome !!!! And Tiffany is awesome too!!! Thank you for these videos my kids are too young for us to go do this kind of stuff 😒. But I watch these with the kids and they love the ending of your videos 😍. I'm always watching everyday!!!

    fay gainesfay gainesپیش سال
  • You all need to do some metal detecting and find some civil war treasure like Aqua Chigger on you tube

    David KobeDavid Kobeپیش سال
  • Your a awesome guy Omar. ! You make mydayalot brighter.

    Debbie KonkelDebbie Konkelپیش سال