Tesla Roadster Wheels On Model 3

2020 22 ژانویه
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  • Omar gosh ✌️

    Gomes Еще одна подписьGomes Еще одна подписьپیش 3 ماه
  • this guy has almost a million subs? Why?

    Sean MacSean Macپیش 8 ماه
  • Yay meow yay anime cute car ,give me kiss '''

    Rukia OlearyRukia Olearyپیش 10 ماه
  • Ahh Real Monsters..😎

    Sapphires1985Sapphires1985پیش 10 ماه
  • Uhm, dude.. Your cars license plate is showing on your shelf, in the end of your video!

    mAtiomAtioپیش 11 ماه
  • 👍🏻

    mAtiomAtioپیش 11 ماه
  • I love your shirt

    Kelly CollinsKelly Collinsپیش 11 ماه
  • I really used to. Enjoy your videos. However, not So Much Anymore your little bit too much into material things and forever bragging About something you have... But anyway.

    toni_ Ltoni_ Lپیش 11 ماه
  • Great car. Can’t wait to see. ❤️

    Carol ForguesCarol Forguesپیش 11 ماه
  • Wow... for me the hood is wrapped perfect. Amazing job. Greetings

    MrTony XXLMrTony XXLپیش 11 ماه
  • Hey Omar you can wrap my car I have a Cadillac 2015 CTS v sport. And your Tesla is badass.

    Brooke KroftBrooke Kroftپیش 11 ماه
  • Seriously impressed Omar😘

    SEA U2SEA U2پیش 11 ماه
  • What a great car you deserve it Omar for how much work you put in to all these videos and content you put on IRworld for all your fams and for your great memories to with your friends and family but just wanted to say your doing a great job keep another awesome video omar I love you Fam

    Eli HamiltonEli Hamiltonپیش 11 ماه
  • Your wraps look good man

    Life After NeverlandLife After Neverlandپیش 11 ماه
  • Where are you Omar...

    Johnny BoyJohnny Boyپیش 11 ماه
  • It's been almost a week now. Where have you been? What have you been doing? I need your entertainment. I hope you are well. ❤TheOmarGosh

    Lauren WLauren Wپیش 11 ماه
  • link to where you got the wheels?

    Martin GonzalezMartin Gonzalezپیش 11 ماه
  • I like the kindig-it door handles.

    streetrod dodge49streetrod dodge49پیش 11 ماه
  • Get the low profile jack .your going to love it .keep it in the car too

    johnnylyonns79johnnylyonns79پیش 11 ماه
  • Looking good in glasses fam

    timmy kingtimmy kingپیش 11 ماه
  • Very very clean and beautiful wheel s. Omar gosh tv giving kiss 💋

    timmy kingtimmy kingپیش 11 ماه
  • Darn Typos PS. Don't use Microphone

    Zania LangleyZania Langleyپیش 11 ماه

    Zania LangleyZania Langleyپیش 11 ماه
    • Dang typos...ps. Dont use Microphone 😅😅

      Zania LangleyZania Langleyپیش 11 ماه

    Zania LangleyZania Langleyپیش 11 ماه
  • OMG! I see Ickis! That is too cool!!! Love your videos!!!

    Mark DMark Dپیش 11 ماه
  • Loving those rims I might have to get some if the price is good

    charlesbexpatcharlesbexpatپیش 11 ماه
  • Omar dont forget to wrap your matchbox tesla car

    DeemedTVDeemedTVپیش 11 ماه
  • RIP Kobe Bryant 🙏

    xVGhostxVGhostپیش 11 ماه
  • Dont be rude to jame😕

    Lexylove CeblolLexylove Ceblolپیش 11 ماه
  • Yay! Its james!

    Lexylove CeblolLexylove Ceblolپیش 11 ماه
  • That would’ve been cool if he was videotaping him wrapping it

    Mack Yamaha R6Mack Yamaha R6پیش 11 ماه
  • That was funny off u omar trying to show off James butt crack but he is hiding it away good lol

    Rachel BarrettRachel Barrettپیش 11 ماه
  • Don't put them back on looks better without them

    Bryan McGuireBryan McGuireپیش 11 ماه
  • Wow your tesla is looking good Omar 🤙 absoulutely love it!! keen to see it all finished up 🙂your doing a great job. Much love and support.

    Dee Rose68Dee Rose68پیش 11 ماه
  • If you can do me favor is Zach's birthday on Feb. 3 the next month coming up and if you can send him a message or call him and which him a happy birthday. He is a big fan of your videos. He is going to be 17 year old. Let me know if you can so I can give u my number.thx

    S.V.S. Cali-WaveS.V.S. Cali-Waveپیش 11 ماه
  • 3 Leaf ads lol! No!

    Zoya SpencerZoya Spencerپیش 11 ماه
  • Looked copper.bronze changes to.purple colour i.would of done a neon green or neon yellow .. Or pick. A colour you not seen on a car yet .. .nice car tho.I'm well jel. /;

    Kevin wiliiamsKevin wiliiamsپیش 11 ماه
  • That was so cool, and I'm 55 years old!...Really never thought that would be interesting, but I found it extremely interesting....Thanks Omar!

    Colleen CraneColleen Craneپیش 11 ماه
  • its like a pearlscent wrap it looks like or something like that i think lol...its awsum omar canot ait to see it completely done will look amazing..

    Danielle HeightonDanielle Heightonپیش 11 ماه
  • Do you know what today is it’s my birthday January 25, 1978

    Dennell HarperDennell Harperپیش 11 ماه
  • Omg omar I LOVE that shirt! That show man...I used to watch it everyday!

    Red LexRed Lexپیش 11 ماه
  • here is a weird question if you drove your Tesla to a haunted place would the spirits drain the batteries of the car since they drain batteries of everything else

    Dawn WilliamsDawn Williamsپیش 11 ماه
  • Can't wait to see it all done. Lol can't believe I'm enjoying the car videos. 🤠💕😘

    Tina FTina Fپیش 11 ماه
  • That wrap looks cool Omar and good job with the hood that looks proper sick!

    Will KalElWill KalElپیش 11 ماه
  • That's no Roaster replica wheels. Why aren't they staggered?

    Tyran MathurinTyran Mathurinپیش 11 ماه
    • Yeah that’s what I noticed

      I’m a dog with a Japanese bandanaI’m a dog with a Japanese bandanaپیش 11 ماه
  • Looking fresh! Car projects are so fun. God bless. ✌️🙏👍👍👍

    Mr saiyanMr saiyanپیش 11 ماه
  • Love your car omar looks really nice why dont you put a small logo of your GIMME A KISS would look awesome Be careful.driving car

    Michelle ReidMichelle Reidپیش 11 ماه
  • Put the omargosh kiss logo where the tesla logo was at on the hood.

    ZacHarYThEMeTaL HicK88ZacHarYThEMeTaL HicK88پیش 11 ماه
  • Good luck on the diy wrap😁

    jeremy keithjeremy keithپیش 11 ماه
  • I bought a porche boxster and the first thing I did, change those wheels. Same with my BMW X5 wheels make a car.

    TheBTDEBTheBTDEBپیش 11 ماه
  • Bro you can wrap a car that's awesome enjoy that sweet sweet Tesla and glad to see you finding a good hobby.

    HiTmAn ThE TrAsH pAnDaHiTmAn ThE TrAsH pAnDaپیش 11 ماه
  • I love that color 😍😍😍😍😍

    RainbowxcupcakeRainbowxcupcakeپیش 11 ماه
  • Can't wait to see it done. Btw the wrap color is what us nail techs/artists call multichrome because we have polish that can shift between 3-4 colors in certain light.

    Nailed It!Nailed It!پیش 11 ماه
  • Thank you for video. I enjoy them keep doing what you love. Gimmie kiss

    Anecita EdwardsAnecita Edwardsپیش 11 ماه
  • Omar!! You should never stand your weels straight up becuse they can fall and get damedge. I should know becouse I have workt at a tireshoop😊.

    lillen421lillen421پیش 11 ماه
  • That’s great omar

    jon-michael finkjon-michael finkپیش 11 ماه
  • 🤔Will the bird doodoo come off the coated Tesla car ? Fam Out 😘

    Michelle SandsMichelle Sandsپیش 11 ماه
  • I love how excited you get about this car, and the intelligent financial decisions your making to "preserve" the original aspects of the car....There is nothing sexier than a intelligent man...especially when he's a beauty like you Omar....hope you had a good day...because you could...love ya

    libra42fullibra42fulپیش 11 ماه
  • Tesla is an awesome car. I love the colors of the wrap. It is going to be fantastic when you are through. Looking forward to seeing the "after" pictures.

    Kamoonra The Wolf GodKamoonra The Wolf Godپیش 11 ماه
  • Omg I love your shirt!😱😱😱 i used love that show! US EARLY 90S KIDS WHERE YOU AT!? And your car is looking gorgeous! Its definitely looking fresh! I'm glad you're having so much fun with it!

    Mikayla p fam starling kelkatMikayla p fam starling kelkatپیش 11 ماه
  • I hate the cold weather in beloit Wisconsin

    Hannah HopkinsHannah Hopkinsپیش 11 ماه
  • Sweet ride OMAR 😎🤙

    Darrel MullinsDarrel Mullinsپیش 11 ماه
  • How is your 🐖

    Hannah HopkinsHannah Hopkinsپیش 11 ماه
  • Give me a kiss

    Hannah HopkinsHannah Hopkinsپیش 11 ماه
  • I am a big fan of yours I watch your Channel all the time my favorite is the haunted channel

    Hannah HopkinsHannah Hopkinsپیش 11 ماه
  • You did a go job

    Hannah HopkinsHannah Hopkinsپیش 11 ماه
  • When are you going to do more haunted videos

    Hannah HopkinsHannah Hopkinsپیش 11 ماه
  • Hi Omar I like your cars

    Hannah HopkinsHannah Hopkinsپیش 11 ماه
  • Love the shirt Ahh! Real Monsters

    Exploring With CoreyExploring With Coreyپیش 11 ماه
  • The hood looks good! Cant wait to see the finished product!

    UpToSpeed MediaUpToSpeed Mediaپیش 11 ماه
  • Nice car u should but a gimmie kiss loco on ure car bumper stickers u for got to give moe and ali Danny kazzy Aldo a ride to when u go to Canada

    Corina EstradaCorina Estradaپیش 11 ماه
  • Hey Omar that is a very nice car bro

    David BelcherDavid Belcherپیش 11 ماه
  • There are definitely “rappers” that use the heat gun.

    Bern J WallaceBern J Wallaceپیش 11 ماه
  • All I got 2 say Omar is you are becoming 🤓 at pimping your Tesla

    Juan ZapataJuan Zapataپیش 11 ماه
  • Please leave the car as it is. Don't need vinyl wrap at all. But it's your car so.. can't stop you.

    Rhythm ManiaRhythm Maniaپیش 11 ماه
  • Hey Omar, I love that color your putting on it. Can't wait to see it. Much love to you

    Country Girl SamiCountry Girl Samiپیش 11 ماه
  • Looks great! 💙♥️💙

    Blue HymnBlue Hymnپیش 11 ماه
  • Omar don't put yourself down you did a great job considering its your first time doing this

    David BarnesDavid Barnesپیش 11 ماه
  • Omar "Some (w)rappers use a heat gun" Rapper watching video - scratches his head in thought.... "Hmmmm I guess that could work." Sooooo longer beard and hair??? Like an alternate Rip Van Winkle LMAO Awesome vid, keep em comin;!! Stay Sweet 😘 Much Love from Kansas 💗🌻

    Amy Lee AllenAmy Lee Allenپیش 11 ماه
  • I love the Color Wrap on your Tesla really Amazing my type of Blue and Orange color change😊🥰😄😎

    Devonna Michael EdwardsDevonna Michael Edwardsپیش 11 ماه
    • devonna__edwards my instagram 🤩

      Devonna Michael EdwardsDevonna Michael Edwardsپیش 11 ماه
    • Omar loving All Yur Videos 😎👏 B Nice to get a Ride in the Tesla for the first time Ever once its Finished 😀🤩

      Devonna Michael EdwardsDevonna Michael Edwardsپیش 11 ماه
  • Good idea on wrapping car

    Flo HuapFlo Huapپیش 11 ماه
  • you should go to someone to align the inside of the rim just in case you bought them a little bit slanted you align them so they perform a full circle rotation not wiggling

    Leander ZahraLeander Zahraپیش 11 ماه
  • Absolutely sic wheels ! Looks way better great choice.😃

    Ghost Para666Ghost Para666پیش 11 ماه
  • Nice💚

    Annie NAnnie Nپیش 11 ماه
  • You should apoxy your garage to match your sick new ride. My youngest daughter 24 years. She has wrapped a couple of cars.

    Merri RothanMerri Rothanپیش 11 ماه
  • The only mans riding in a Tesla, with a sick Ah! Real monsters shirt. Tesla needs to sponsor you, they could learn a few things

    J PJ Pپیش 11 ماه
  • Just the video I've been waiting for...Lets do ...this...My brother does wraps for a living, He just finished wrapping a school bus...That's funny I have a brother who just retired from Avery Dennison ....I seen the Tesla after you did the wrap on twitter, It really looks cool...love the new color...Thanks for sharing

    Jodie LoveJodie Loveپیش 11 ماه
  • Show us the engine of the tesla!

    Little Bit of EverythingLittle Bit of Everythingپیش 11 ماه
  • Brooooo, the wraps are so dope!!!!

    Megan ElizabethMegan Elizabethپیش 11 ماه
  • Brooooooo, them wraps are so dope!!!

    Megan ElizabethMegan Elizabethپیش 11 ماه
  • Brooooooo, them wraps are so dope!!!

    Megan ElizabethMegan Elizabethپیش 11 ماه
  • You are so excited and you have your best friend next to you enjoying it along with you. Happy for you. 😉

    Rosa LRosa Lپیش 11 ماه
  • Luv it Omar!! I said to my husband ... >> next car will be a TESLA:)

    Mic-NogMic-Nogپیش 11 ماه
  • hey omar can you get in your tesla And go to jaystation and give him a shit of a smack he facking hes girlfriend death on youtube

    neil smeimanneil smeimanپیش 11 ماه
  • Hey Omar, Can't wait to see what it looks like!!! Love your videos!!! Gimme Kiss and Peace!!

    Melinda RozasMelinda Rozasپیش 11 ماه
  • Tell Jay station I'm so sorry about his lost I just lost a couple people just recently in I know he's going through

    the Lord family:J and Mthe Lord family:J and Mپیش 11 ماه
  • window tint next?

    Brian LittleBrian Littleپیش 11 ماه
  • It put a titty on the tire

    Brenda FinchBrenda Finchپیش 11 ماه
  • Lovely cool car! 😊 drive safely Omar. 😘

    The Sister Adventure GamingThe Sister Adventure Gamingپیش 11 ماه
  • I love your Tesla but you putting the wrap on it will ruin the look of the car.

    KAT76KAT76پیش 11 ماه