Exploring The Edward Scissorhands Neighborhood 30 Years Later

2020 2 آوریل
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on todays adventure omargoshtv takes you to explore the edward scissorhands aka johnny depp suburbia neighborhood that Tim Burton hand picked for his hit 90's movie. Now 30 years later omar gosh takes you to the filming locations of edward scissorhands and shows the exact house where edward scissorhands aka johnny depp was brought in by Peg Boggs after visiting the edward scissorhands castle on the hill in the edward scissor hands neighborhood featuring winona ryder. The edward scissorhands neighborhood and address of the house in Florida that can be seen in this video as well as others. Also Omargoshtv was approached by an original neighbor being the last of the edward scissorhands neighborhood who shared pictures of the production and met tim burton, johnny depp and winona ryder and more while the movie was being filmed and even shared what they may have paid to have the neighbors part of the painting of the edward scissorhands neighborhood houses all the fun pastel colors.
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  • Hope everyone is staying safe and HUGE shout out to those risking their lives for others during this time. I see some comments here pertaining to us not following rules etc. This video was filmed before our lockdown here in Florida and even then we have been staying at home as you can see in my vlogs.

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    • How do you see the castle and speak to him

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  • Don't you mean that neon Tesla color

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  • You know what crazy too in the movie there’s no trees on the block either not like it is now

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  • This is such an awesome video. Really enjoyed it.

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  • He should be there and were is the castle

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  • Where on earth is Edward

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  • The film productions had all of the trees removed for the filming. After shooting wrapped, all of the trees were replanted. I personally like the neighborhood without trees. Much more unique that way. Great video!

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  • i wish i lived near there(

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  • Watching from 🇬🇧 Thanks for sharing 🙏 I did the whole Home🏠alone thing when I visited Chicago

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  • Thanks for the insight. I just watched the movie the other day.

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  • I thought the title said exploding i was sooOooOo scared until i read it again 😄im relieved

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  • Defintly would of looked better with the castle and the pastels still there big fan Omar can i have a shoutout.

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  • I am so jealous! What an awesome adventure day for you guys! And that neighbour was so kind to share with you his awesome photos!!

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  • It's 90's

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  • He seemed really nice

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  • thks you mr Omar show me where is location this movie,,i love that movie so much,,since im high school,,,watching from Kuala Lumpur city,,,oct 2020

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  • I have a question for everyone, where could you watch Edward scissorhands????

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  • What is funny is that when Peggy took Edward home it felt like a little drive. Johnny Depp and Wiona Ryder became a couple for a little while.

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  • After the success of the movie I think they should of stayed that color. But in order to make it feel like a place that didn't exist they changed the colors. Especially fairytale like movies they don't want people finding. Willy Wonka's castle was in another country even though they say it was in America.

    Noah l SmithNoah l Smithپیش 4 ماه
  • The Sky looks the same way it did the day Peggy took Edward Scissorhands home. I always felt sorry for Edward. To have live your whole life by yourself is not normal.

    Noah l SmithNoah l Smithپیش 4 ماه
  • They had such a crazy neighborhood. And they are so mean to Peggy and her family. I still get cracked up when he gets drunk or scared in the waterbed. And the neighbors remind me of my aunts. You couldn't do anything without them knowing.

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  • I have so much fun watching vicariously! Thank You for sharing more than the creepy stuff! You must really like that Edward movie.

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  • Pretty neat.looks smaller than in the movie.

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  • I just watched the movie last night and just saw your video on here, i am blown away, Thank you omar for showing us this amazing neighborhood from the movie. This movie will always be a classic and it never get's old watching it on top of that meeting the very last homeowner from that time is beyond incredible.

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  • My birthday is October 5th 2001 I am going to nineteen

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  • I went to the Highschool where he graduated. He absolutely hates that town now lol. He chose this location because it was super cookie cutter and he was critisizing our home town pretty much making fun of them with this movie.

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