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  • Is that a crack in the back window at 8:10??? 😱😱

    Believer_1979Believer_1979پیش 3 ماه
  • I've seen people have good amount or even a full gas tank and the car just won't start. They had to use jumper cables. You can stop bragging about the Tesla. Everyone is over it now.

    Elizabeth R. MartinElizabeth R. Martinپیش 4 ماه
  • Not awesome. They will eat your pets.

    Sharon LeaderSharon Leaderپیش 7 ماه
  • Was that curtis

    Meagan libertyMeagan libertyپیش 11 ماه
  • omar loves the acoustic's inside his Telsa !

    sdsuwhiteboysdsuwhiteboyپیش 11 ماه
  • Hey Omar I was just curious I just maybe me and you can meet I'm coming to Tampa Florida and I would love to see you maybe we

    the Lord family:J and Mthe Lord family:J and Mپیش سال
  • 3:50 rest up juice🥺

    Alex DelvalleAlex Delvalleپیش سال
  • 👍

    mAtiomAtioپیش سال
  • What did you do to the handles

    GabrielGabrielپیش سال
  • It is very rare in my life that I have been jealous. Love the Tesla very cool car. Have you ever compared the cost to charge it with the price of gas? Would be interesting to see the savings. That looked like a fun way to see the year in. Happy New Year🎉🎉🎉Keep Safe❤Keep Well❤

    Debbie Mcwaters EVPEACEDebbie Mcwaters EVPEACEپیش سال
  • Are you going to do any more fam mail opennings.

    Kelly McAllisterKelly McAllisterپیش سال
  • Hi omar, you look cute wearing 👓🥰

    Amir WaieAmir Waieپیش سال
  • Omar your speech read Psalm 23 as you start your day Envy wanting what others have... Jealousy means insecurities...When a person speaks Negative of others are only bringing Negativity on yourself then you wonder why everything bad is happening to you, So for those people that bad things are happening to You need to ask GOD FOR FORGIVENESS FOR YOUR SINS KNOWN AND UNKNOWN AND CHANGE YOUR WAY OF THINKING .....GOD BLESS EVERYONE OF YOU AND REMEMBER POSITIVE THINKING BRINGS POSITIVELY IN YOUR LIFE

    Esmeralda SchillingEsmeralda Schillingپیش سال
  • Hell yeah Omar! I acctually am very jealous of YOU, Moe, and CJ. You all inspier me at te same time to get my shit together so that I can be where you are in life. So at the same time I'm proud of you all and use your succsess to fule my motivation to own that damn Tesla! >.o Love what you do Omar and kiss my girl Tiph for me. I know shes feeling better now but still.

    Dark DragunnDark Dragunnپیش سال
  • Another enjoyable video!!!! Love your videos Omar. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. BEST WISHES TO ALL IN THIS NEW YEAR❤🥰

    WilmaWilmaپیش سال
  • You look good with those glasses Omar love your videos ♥️♥️♥️

    Guadalupe CarperGuadalupe Carperپیش سال
  • Yessir jealousy is for suckers. Gods soldiers do not have time for all that

    Multidimensional TravelerMultidimensional Travelerپیش سال
  • Ai is demons. Summon the tesla like people summon demons. luv ur vids

    Multidimensional TravelerMultidimensional Travelerپیش سال
  • Damn...Omar looks so Dope in those Glasses.....😀

    Tarang BaruahTarang Baruahپیش سال
  • I’m so excited. Finally got to adopt my own Ochopapocho! Black Lab puppy who really needed a home. Still working on a name. Thanks for the inspiration Omar!

    Traci FranciscoTraci Franciscoپیش سال
  • I love the way you look in your glasses omar 😍 and I love your tesla ❤️Happy new year

    angelica Valdezangelica Valdezپیش سال
  • Ghost spray lol. Spray it and a ghost is revealed. I dunno. Haha.

    Catharine CousinsCatharine Cousinsپیش سال
  • Jealousy is a ugly monster. Great advice on being a better person this year. I’m also proud of your new vehicle. You deserve nice things. I appreciate all the entertainment you put out there. 👏. 😘

    Carol ForguesCarol Forguesپیش سال
  • So thankful for you Omar! Love you man!♡*

    Morgan LawareMorgan Lawareپیش سال
  • Hi 😊 👍 💜 thank you for your positiv advises😀👍👍💙 let 2020 bring love and happyness ☺ 👍 💜 💜

    June NilssonJune Nilssonپیش سال
  • Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves for your next video. Hope you achieve your goals too.

    AshNightStar 2020AshNightStar 2020پیش سال
  • There’s a place in Utah you and your fiancé, and kids should check out together. It’s in Kanab, Utah. The place is called Best Friends Animal Society Sanctuary. It’s a sanctuary for all kinds of animals. They have horses, birds, cats, dogs, you name it. People can volunteer there, adopt animals, etc... I volunteered there in 2018. It was a surprise from my dad. It was a lot of fun. I helped out with the dogs. Played fetch with them, took them on walks, etc... You should really check it out.

    Eristine ForeverEristine Foreverپیش سال
  • I agree omar .haters!

    Cyndie TCyndie Tپیش سال
  • Omar, you know what would be funny af....someone (hidden camera going) that is sitting in your Tesla, HAS NO IDEA the car will drive to you, you go in some place, they wait in the car. You come out, ' summon' your car and the person would shit when in the car and it drives itself. That would be an awesome video. Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Michele HaywoodMichele Haywoodپیش سال
  • I love you to Omar I support you 100% your my favorite youtuber your like the only person I watch I enjoy all your content keep up the great work Fam

    Eli HamiltonEli Hamiltonپیش سال
  • I still think its cool that your car comes to you. Ill never get over that lol have a great new year Omar n thanks for making these vids.

    RogerRogerپیش سال
  • Awe little Boston is so adorable! Hey hes rockin Kris Stars Merch! How awesome! Omar you make such great videos! Love the car too! Super jelly! You deserve it Omar, you work hard for what you have and it pays off too! Happy New Year to you and your family!

    LibbyLouVlogs T.LibbyLouVlogs T.پیش سال
  • Aww what a cute little gator. Love ya Omar. You are my favorite IRworldr. Well except for my Son DeemedTv. Please give my love to Tiphanie.

    Exploring with NaomieExploring with Naomieپیش سال
  • Happy new year @OmarGoshTV!!!!! Love yall going to try and make our own youtube channel my son and myself not sure what its going to be based on im thinking just like "A Day in the Life of Dominick and Ashley" no thats a corny title but u probably get the idea! Love yall keep the bangers comin n congratulations on the new whip its dope af!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Ashley CarolanAshley Carolanپیش سال
  • Love you Omar! Happy New Year!

    merridith berberianmerridith berberianپیش سال
  • Watch your dogs!

    Anita HowardAnita Howardپیش سال
  • Man Just love you Omar You make my day Best for the new year Love from Cape Town SA

    Waldo VAN DER MERWEWaldo VAN DER MERWEپیش سال
  • I love you Omar you are such a positive person keep it up happy new yr.

    Christopher DurkinChristopher Durkinپیش سال
  • Lose the coat bro. I love you guys goodnight. Gimme kiss

    Mashell MendenhallMashell Mendenhallپیش سال
  • Hey man, love the videos. You put off such a positive energy. As someone who deals with anxiety and depression your videos definitely give me inspiration. Your videos make me smile and laugh. In 2020 I plan on continuing my weight loss journey. I’ve been doing Keto for 13 weeks and I’ve lost 35 pounds so far. I’m also going to continue going to school, I’m hoping to get into the Sonography/Ultrasound Tech program. I also hope my IRworld channel grows in 2020. I hope this year brings everyone happiness and success. Thanks Omar for everything that you do man. I wish you the best in 2020.

    Justin sloneJustin sloneپیش سال
  • Happy New Year

    Sun ShineSun Shineپیش سال
  • Happy for you Omar!! keep em coming!! Love you Happy New Year!!!

    Merri WagnerMerri Wagnerپیش سال
  • Hey work hardo....chill pill... don't worry about others...."J"thing is out of my box....hey and Omar my better half bought me Volkswagen Polo GT TSI for new year and iam so proud of his hard work..... love from India😍🙏😘

    sangeeta sangeetasangeeta sangeetaپیش سال
  • Like my Camaro lovers🤟

    CHOD3YCHOD3Yپیش سال
  • He's just chilling in your pond not caring about anything lol

    Sheli MelagoSheli Melagoپیش سال
  • You look really good in glasses Omar

    Ashlie Carrese-SochiaAshlie Carrese-Sochiaپیش سال
  • Omar, you shine wherever you go & your positivity always brightens the person's path that you come across ! It was so enjoyable to watch the group of your friends get together and rent the skating rink and have a blast playing games & skating to welcome in the New Year in a much safer way than hanging out at the bar ! I hope Tiphanie feels better soon. Please let her know. You are a terrific boyfriend by letting her rest & taking Boston out with you to the skating party! You're a wonderful person and a great friend to anyone that you meet!

    Darlene DouglasDarlene Douglasپیش سال
  • hope the new year is going well for you & the family stay blessed p.s. go bucs

    850bigboy850bigboyپیش سال
  • Stay safe

    Dixie RodriguezDixie Rodriguezپیش سال
  • Thankyou Omar ❤❤❤

    Mary PettyferMary Pettyferپیش سال
  • The court that you guys rented and playing doge ball you know either team I go on my team will win cause I’m good at doge ball

    Sherry XiongSherry Xiongپیش سال
  • That's soooooo cool never get old seeing that car driverless. 👍

    Mary PettyferMary Pettyferپیش سال
  • Thank you 😊 Omar life is to short xxx🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗

    Davd MoormanDavd Moormanپیش سال
  • Hello there Omar 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️😉😉

    Mary PettyferMary Pettyferپیش سال
  • DId you get a haircut

    Samantha LucasSamantha Lucasپیش سال
  • Happy new year Omar im changing becoming more positive mindset and healthy eating habits too

    StefanTheFamStefanTheFamپیش سال
  • Hi Omar, love the way your rubbing in about your car, it’s so funny, nice to see you having fun with Tessa and your friends, it’s not the first time you have had a crocodile in your pool. Stay safe. 💋💋💋

    Catherine fergusonCatherine fergusonپیش سال
  • happy new year omar we love u from harlan ky keep up the good work love watching ur videos

    Robert JacksonRobert Jacksonپیش سال
  • 11:05 foreal Omar FACTS!! And I feel that, the whole speech on the jealousy thing, plus growing a IRworld channel.. all of it!!! It definitely is realness!! Every1 shines in their own light & its definitely working hard to earn it!!

    AngelsWorldTVAngelsWorldTVپیش سال
  • The ghost sucker sounds a little dirty not ganna lie lol

    Mr. MadnessMr. Madnessپیش سال
  • Your the best

    Dana BerriosDana Berriosپیش سال
  • I keep trying to go to your other channel from your page and it keeps taking me to Heath hussar

    Sandra KellySandra Kellyپیش سال
  • I hope they don’t hurt the gator.

    Laura AckermanLaura Ackermanپیش سال
  • Invent a machine to make James stop farting. :P

    JessicaDawnHunterJessicaDawnHunterپیش سال
  • Might need to go check your mail office

    Joey_120Joey_120پیش سال
  • Hi Omar I sent you a Christmas card did you get it

    Joey_120Joey_120پیش سال
  • I would love to see that operate here in the snow and cold weather.. How do you plug it in so it starts up easier in 0 degree weather. Love the car...

    Jane WittmayerJane Wittmayerپیش سال
  • Omar lookin FRESH!! I agree my brotha: Work on being a better me👍👍5:55 still has me cracking up. Keep cranking 'em out. Supporter since 2017....

    Jeff BJeff Bپیش سال
  • Of course another OmarGosh video...lets do this..Great video as usual....Everyone should make 2020 their year to do good in this world...

    Jodie LoveJodie Loveپیش سال
  • My new year goal is to be more positive and to take peoples advice more ..... jealousy is like a disease it has to get well soon .. People shouldn't be jealous of others they should rejoice what they have and not be jealous or envious. I am happy where i am right now even though i don't have much but i'm happy for anyone who is successful .. some people change for the good of it but some change and are nasty and that can be hard to be happy for them .. Love is what we all need and the respect of others and their love so we all can share the love. Great video Omar Happy New Year xx

  • Love & appreciate you so much dude

    lilMousililMousiپیش سال
  • I feel you with not being jealous and it is very hard to resist.. I'm trying to start my channel it will be a year in March and I only have 9 subscribers, my channel is about real life stuff, kinda like your family channel.. I'm on a fixed income and the extra income from IRworld would really help a lot..

    Dixlly familyDixlly familyپیش سال
  • little gators become BIG gators, especially when they feed on little dogs and children.....

    Tammy BuckleyTammy Buckleyپیش سال
  • happy new 2020 year to omar family the gteam parnormal florda bowery boys travel HAUNTING GHOST ATTACK CHASER VIEWS 50000000000/100000000000000/100000000000 WORLD FANS CLUB LOVEYOU GUYS THAKEYOU HAPPY 2020 NEW YEAR THAKEYOU

  • I understand u want to be a better u,but,u are pretty AMAZING already Omar😘

    Jennifer Orlando LudwigJennifer Orlando Ludwigپیش سال
  • Your car is awesome and I'm soo happy for u,but,Boston is soo darn cute💙💙

    Jennifer Orlando LudwigJennifer Orlando Ludwigپیش سال
  • Fireworks!!!

    iiDaxkzZiiDaxkzZپیش سال
  • Lucid dreams playing in the background 😢 Rip Juice. Your a young legend and will never be forgotten!

    LaZy_PaNdA _PlAySLaZy_PaNdA _PlAySپیش سال
  • Love this channel

    Barbara DanceBarbara Danceپیش سال
  • When people are jealous, it means you are doing well. Have a Great 2020!

    SΞBΔSΞBΔپیش سال
  • Safety is important when it comes to animals! Go lookin out!!!

    Anna HamiltonAnna Hamiltonپیش سال
  • Happy New year to you and the family. Love the new car

    Jackie hillJackie hillپیش سال
  • Hi Omar, now you could officially say see ya later alligator, lol 👍😘🤭😘

    Maria TamayoMaria Tamayoپیش سال
  • Love your message!!!! You the best. Have a great day cause you can. Don't let yourself get in the way.... much love to all of you.

    Susan DiltsSusan Diltsپیش سال
  • OMG that's what we grew up doing! Racing,roller skating and moon shine. So much fun you took me back. Boston is a super duper cutie pie....

    Susan DiltsSusan Diltsپیش سال
  • I love when you make new videos. I get so excited. I watched melissas last night and seen your comment about still being good friends. More people need to be like that. Love u omar. Keep up the good work!!

    Brandi ToddBrandi Toddپیش سال
  • Happy new year Omar and 2 ur family🎆God bless u🙏Gimme Kiss💋

    Jenz LlanosJenz Llanosپیش سال
  • Fun Video Thanks ❤️👍👍 👍2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣🎆💥🎊🎉💥🎉🎉🎆🤗

    Mae Bella aka MaeMae Bella aka Maeپیش سال
  • Is his back window cracked

    Becksibee 🇬🇧Becksibee 🇬🇧پیش سال
  • Nice new pet Omar! 😀 Hope the new invention that you wanted to do goes well.

    Kevin Plays GuitarKevin Plays Guitarپیش سال
  • Omar you are an amazing person. You have a lovely family, I wish you a fantastic 2020 from the UK 😀🇬🇧👍🏼

    Wendywoo wooWendywoo wooپیش سال
  • Omar it looks like u were having a blast 😂😂😂 i hope you enjoy it .... love from Ohio can you give me a shout out hunting 540 fishing

    hunting 540 fishinghunting 540 fishingپیش سال
  • Wishing everybody great Health, Happiness and Prosperity in this New Year! I pray 2020 brings lots and lots of Blessings for us All! Sending much Love 💖✌️✝️🤗 Cher

    Cherie NadroCherie Nadroپیش سال
  • Hi

    princess lindaprincess lindaپیش سال
  • Happy New Year to You and your family. Just wanna say nice glasses, they look good on you! 😘

  • Omar, that little guy is so cute. I hope he feels better

    Kat ch videosKat ch videosپیش سال
  • Such positivity you don’t need to be a better Omar you damn good already great new year party and sweet dreams little Boston x

    Traceyuk 71Traceyuk 71پیش سال
  • Hey Omar, I had been jealous of people that I worked with at Walmart. Then I realized I just wasn't happy there and now I have a great job. It doesn't pay as much I would like because being I have Lupus(SLE) this disease takes a lot of my money away because of medical visits and medicine. Either way, I'm at a great place where I have a great Health Insurance and work with awesome people. You and many of your friends give me great entertainment and make my day on a rough day. Oh, and I also plan on writing about you on my blog page and talking about your youtube accounts. I'm working on my writing career too. Even though I am having a hard time with health. God Bless and Happy 2020!

    Meeka RyonMeeka Ryonپیش سال
  • Look mar its a monster lol xx

    granny sevengranny sevenپیش سال
  • Hey Omar happy New Year love you all love your vedios

    Laurie BenningtonLaurie Benningtonپیش سال